keskiviikko 18. kesäkuuta 2014

Hail to England!!!

Huge thanks to all the people that came to the UK gigs, all the bands we played with, everyone who helped organise the gigs and helped us out in any way. We had a blast!

Extra special thanks to Hebosagil for being the kings of rock'n'roll and Kunal for being the king of the road, master of the universe and the god of everything.

If anyone has photos/video of any of the gigs, let us know!

Here's "Soft White Walls" from Stuck on a Name Studios, Nottingham:

Metal Universe internet radio show did a rather chaotic but VERY METAL interview with Throat after the Bristol gig. Some talk on Throat, more talk on Slayer, Black Sabbath, Star Wars and all sorts of stupid shit...

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