torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012

Oldies, not goodies!

We discovered a bunch of "Good Times" tapes and "Adult Situations" 7" vinyls from the Throat vaults. These are the final copies that will be available from us, so once they're gone, they're gone forever!

If you want to order these, go to the Kaos Kontrol webstore:

Bodegas are not included!

EDIT: If you want the "Good Times" tape, you're late since they're gone already!

torstai 14. kesäkuuta 2012

Throat heart Unsane & Big Business

We had a blast with Unsane & Big Business last Sunday at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki! Thanks so much to the bands + crew for the best evening ever.

Next up: our friends Anne & Kerttu celebrate their birthdays at Klubi, Turku on June 30th and we'll be there to spoil their fun. A week later we're playing at the Hässäkkäpäivät festival in Oulu.

"Hoitajaako nyt tarvitaan..."