tiistai 27. elokuuta 2013

Fan made video for Perfect Teeth!!!

Some die hard Throat fan had made this cool video for the song "Perfect Teeth"!

If anyone else has similar footage of their wives/girlfriends/sisters/mothers, go ahead and make them into new Throat music videos!

maanantai 12. elokuuta 2013

Zero Tolerance feature and Pori reminder

Osku/Hebosagil (or 21st Century Digital Boy as we like to call him from now on) was kind enough to put the recent Zero Tolerance feature on Finnish noise rock into digital form. Click the picture above for a larger version.

Don't forget the Fun/Magneto/Throat gig at Saikku, Pori in a couple of weeks!

Here's the Facebook event:

tiistai 6. elokuuta 2013

Zero Tolerance for Finnish noise rock

The latest issue (#54 / Aug-Sep 2013) of Zero Tolerance magazine includes an article on Finnish noise rock, featuring Throat, Hebosagil and Baxter Stockman.

The magazine should be pretty well available all over the world, but you can also order a copy from the magazine's website:

The Sleeping Shaman reviews Manhole

The excellent Sleeping Shaman webzine reviewed the "Manhole" LP:

Finally a review without the Google Translate psychedelia!