maanantai 22. heinäkuuta 2013

AV#7 and our return to Pori announced!

The latest issue of the cool Finnish zine, Ajatuksen Valo is out now! The seventh issue includes interviews with Throat and Kaos Kontrol as well as other great bands such as Loinen, Sixpackgods etc.

You can get the zine directly from Johnny Park Avenue Records or Kaos Kontrol:

Unfortunately AV#7 is only available in Finnish, but here's a good chance for all of you non-Finns to work on your Finnish skills.

In other news, we'll be kicking off our autumn with a gig at Saikku, Pori on August 30th with Fun and Magneto from France. Tickets cost 5€ and we'll add a Facebook event address here as soon as it's available.

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