torstai 14. helmikuuta 2013

Gigs 'n' Shit

We're doing two easter shows with a killer line-up! Hebosagil, Baxter Stockman and Sokea Piste will be joining us for shows in Turku and Helsinki.

Here's a list of all the upcoming shows:

February 22 @ Turku, Klubi (Ilta-kerros)
Throat, Fun, Frivolvol, Umpio

February 23 @ Pori, Saikku
Throat, Fun, Frivolvol, Umpio

March 29 @ Turku, secret location
Throat, Hebosagil, Baxter Stockman, Sokea Piste

March 30 @ Helsinki, Lepakkomies
Throat, Hebosagil, Baxter Stockman, Sokea Piste

Our debut album is being mastered as we speak, so the moment of unloading that steaming pile of shite on you is getting closer. We might even have a title and a cover for it as well! More info soon...

All of our previous releases can now be downloaded in their entirety from our Bandcamp page:

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